Violin Courses

1 on 1 Learning

If you would like to know the secret of developing your musicality and skills by private instruction.

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Short Course

For those bored at learning routine and like to taste different style of learning.

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Master Class

For those preparing competitions/examinations, or want to experience on-stage opportunities in front of public.

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For those who are interested in being part of trio, quartet or quintet.  And wish to be a serious musician and would like to apply for music schools

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1 on 1 Learning


1:1 Class is open to music lovers of any age and at any stage of their career. Ruda will be sharing all tips collected by working with renowned musicians all over the world.

Perfect for students who set up their goal and would like to keep it up by having regular lessons.

Parents are welcomed to join for helping your child fulfill his/her commitment to private lessons and practicing at home.

Beginner  30/45/60 minutes : HK$450 / 675 /900

Grade 1 - 3  30/45/60 minutes : HK$500 / 750 / 1000

Grade 4 - 5  60 minutes : HK$1000

Grade 6 - 8  60 minutes : HK$1200

DipABRSM / LRSM / FRSM  60 minutes : HK$1400

ATCL / LTCL / FTCL 60 minutes : HK$1400

Short Courses

Violin 360

  • For beginners who never touch violin in your life.
  • At the end of the class, you will be able to play a piece or two!
  • Pick up the violin in 360 minutes
  • Build up a strong foundation
  • Maintain a healthy habit 
  • Progress with enjoyable results

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Music from Movies (coming soon)

For violinists who are at intermediate level or above. Please do not hesitate if you would like to pick up the violin after long time. This course would be perfect for you!

The Time Machine (coming soon)

For advanced violinists who are preparing a stage or exams. In this course, you will be choosing one of the works by Bach or Mozart, and one more piece from your favourite composer and learn how to prepare the stage 200%.


Master Class


Playing music is part social, part interaction, part collaboration. In this masterclass, participants will be playing with pianist and learn the most important part of a performance.


Ruda will be mentoring from the first step of the stage entrance.


Ensemble Class

  • 12 Sessions with performances


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Music Schools Seminar

This 1:1 consulting session will help all the admissions process when choosing the music school and teacher best for you.

Students will play 30 mins in order to check their performance level & learning styles.


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